Gentlewishes™ Fat Loss Device

Lose weight and burn fat for so you can get look better with your slimmed body.


Get Your Confident Summer Body You Want

Ultrasonic Slims Fat And Tightens Skin

What Customers Are Saying

My tummy is tighter and stretch Mark's are starting to fade away. It makes your stomach feel hot and it works really well. It definitely tightens the skin from stretch marks and when you apply it everyday for 5 minutes you can definitely see a difference after 2 months.

Semhart G.

I have been using the Gentlewishes EMS device for about 4 months now and the heat really does burn fat. It helped my stretch marks a lot and I mostly used it for my stomach and arms. I highly recommend to purchase for anyone who wants to look slimmer.

Layla B.

After 1 month of using the EMS device consistently, I know see the difference. I have a slimmer body and the EMS heat technology is forreal. I can feel my skin and stretch marks getting more firm, and my body looks more like an hourglass shape. Highly recommend!

Ava P.

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