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Derol Natural Lip Plumber

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Are you craving for plump and glamorous lips?

We have the natural solution for long lasting healthy fuller moisturized lips(24 Hours).

The natural lip plumper device.
✔️Achieve Soft Plump Lips
✔️100% Natural & Cruelty Free Ingredients
✔️Moisturizes & Shines
✔️Longer Lasting Results(24 Hours)
✔️Safe & Effective Lip Plumber

Includes Natural Ingredients : Ginger, Mint, Vitamin E. Peppermint Oil, and Cinnamon Root

How Does It Work? : The natural ingredients above create a safe chemical reaction that stimulates the fullness of the lips as well as moisturizes them. The formula stimulates collagen production in the lips for plumber healthier lips. 

*Note : There will be a slight tingling sensation in the lips for 2 minutes. This is the lips getting naturally fuller.

Lasting Time : 24 Hours

Directions : Apply one swipe of lip plumber to the top and bottom lip. Wait 5 minutes for them to become stimulated. We recommend just applying one swipe, and adding more once you see the results of one swipe.